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MOSQUA – Textile Import and Export, Ltd., a company dedicated to the production of men, women, children and babies’ haute couture and ready-to-wear, was founded in 2007.
Our goal is the continual growth and modernization of both the company and our services, in order to guarantee the best results.
MOSQUA’s facilities are strategically located in an easily accessible area and close to all intervenients of the Textile Industry.


We aim to provide high-end service and insure our products comply with the technical specifications of our clients. Therefore, we use but the best raw materials, fulfill the standards and deliver on time.
Our management is client oriented, which means we rely on the professionalism of our workers throughout the production process. This allows for a trust relationship to be built and maintained. We value ethics and transparency when dealing with clients, suppliers, workers and partners, as well as continued and sustained growth in the production process.


Since its creation, one of MOSQUA’s main concerns has been the ability to keep on learning to assure we provide continual improvements in internal processes. This has allowed for a better, higher quality service from us and granted us great feedback and results from our business partners. Therefore, we measure quality considering our client’s satisfaction, loyalty and the surpassing of their expectations. This quality measurement method also helps us set the excelency patterns we wish to achieve for our products and services.
From our workers, partners and suppliers, we expect but high levels of performance, integrity and responsibility to insure the final result is a product that puts a smile on our client’s face.

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Contact - + 351 252 085 634 / + 351 967 600 535 / + 351 917 374 755

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Address - Loteamento Industrial de Meães Travessa Cidade Vila Nova Famalicão, Nº 201 4760-482 Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal